Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Sunday Currently | Volume II

Another volume of The Sunday Currently series! I want this series to keep going so I am trying my hardest to always keep posting and it's working. I've been stressed because of school because it is midterm week.

Currently Series | Volume II

I have been reading the International Transportation and Trade Program textbook for my Global Logistics. The title sounds scary huh? The stuff is boring but I love this class because of my super cool professor. Now if only all my professors were like that...I would probably be an A+ student.

Spent the whole day writing my flashcard reviews for Global Logistics as well as for my Customs Procedure class. The picture on this post is actually the flashcards I wrote earlier for Logistics class. I really want to ace that class. 

It's not a song but I am listening to a video on Youtube. It's a video called Strangest Things Found in the Ocean by Rob Dyke. I can't study with music because I get distracted. Listening to music makes me start singing and I forget whatever I'm studying. I like putting a documentary video in the background because it soothes my ears. Pretty weird eh? 

about how I'm going to study for next week's midterm tests. 2/3 tests are going to be an online test. I've never done a quiz online before and they're all multiple choice questions. I hate MCQ. I prefer short answers better.

nothing in particular

to pass my tests next week! Let's do this!

for a productive week ahead. I am planning on studying for the whole week. I've never really studied hard on any kind of test before because I like to think I have a photographic memory. I just skim through my notes and I usually just remember most of the lessons. 

A maroon pullover that reads "D I E M" in the front side
Underwear and socks who wears pants while at home?

how I'm actually following my new routine. I've been waking up earlier than usual and I've been studying daily. I've also been keeping up with my blog posts which I really really love.

a full course meal. I'm so hungry and I could smell the food my grandma is cooking downstairs. Darn vents!

a good full sleep. I haven't been sleeping and my sleeping pattern is fucked. This past week, I've been sleeping at 3am and it's not good. I can't concentrate during the day specifically in class. T.T

tired, sleepy and hungry. 

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