Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Sunday Currently | 8

Whoah. It has been a while since my last post for this series. I haven't actually been doing a lot lately, just catching up to assignments and projects for school. Anyways, I'm just finding an excuse not to do one of my marcoeconomics assignment and I thought this is a good excuse so shall we?

The Sunday Currently | 8 

Reading tweets from my Twitter timeline

Writing this SoonWoo angst drabble that I have been working on for over a month but can't seem to ever finish. 

Wonwoo promised himself he wouldn’t break down at the ceremony. He promised, he really did, but he knows he won’t be able to control himself the moment he sees the casket in front of him.
Damn, I need to finish this but life and reality is getting in the way.

Listening to nothing in particular. I could hear the airplanes outside though, somehow the area above my house is a path for airplanes since I see them all the time and the noise, oh the noise, it's annoying. 

Smelling the facial cleanser that I used to wash my face. It's a Clean & Clear product.

Wishing that I get to study in Korea for my degree in International Business. 

Hoping to get a job so I can support myself if ever I get accepted to the international program in Korea for a bachelor's degree. 

Wearing a black and white long-sleeved shirt from H&M and a jogging pants from Forever21

Loving the fact that we found a house that has a swimming pool. I'm also loving the fact that I only have 5 more months of school left then I will be free from college!!

Wanting a chocolate brownie or a cake!! I've been craving! A chocolate cookie will do!

Needing a long break from school but this ain't happening soon.  

Feeling tired, COLD, and sleepy.

Clicking through my Twitter feed before I get back to writing and hopefully finish this SoonWoo drabble Ive been postponing to do.

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