Friday, July 01, 2016

5 Things I Need To Improve On

Today's Canada Day! I'm not usually the type of person to go out and celebrate, but today, let's celebrate it with this entry. Let's face it, I'm not the only one who thinks about the stuff they need to put a little effort on. I'm pretty sure you're thinking about them right now, aren't you? I think about these things more so often that I get so stressed just thinking about it. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to this post later on and laugh about it. Without further ado, let's get on with the entry.

1. Studying
I honestly cannot even fathom how I went from an honour roll student to nothing. My name has never been lower than Top 5 of the class when I was in the Philippines. Then Canada came. My marks has never seen the line of 9's in a while. I don't believe I'm dumb because if I actually put effort in school, I actually get good grades. I guess I'm just really lazy. From here on, I promise that I will do anything it takes to bring my grades up. I want to graduate college as a member of the Honour Roll Society.

2. Being socially awkward
Ever since I was young, this topic has always stressed me so much. Though I'm different when you get to know me and befriends me but I'm just not good at being social. I cannot make friends! I'm too shy and I get too conscious of what people might think about me. I think this is the main reason why I can't land a job. I love my personality but my social anxiety holds me back from every opportunity I find. My friends barely invites me out now because they know I'm just going to turn it down anyways. That's how bad I am with being social. And I really really really want to change that. I've spend so many times sulking over my friends not inviting me out.

PS. I'm the best friend you can ever have online. Hahaha. My KPOP twitter friends can testify on this.

3. Time management
No lie, I'm the best at time management when it comes to important things in my life. I've got school assignments all written down on my bullet journal. I was never late to any of my job schedules, personal appointments and I've finished all my school assignments on time. But when it comes to things that are not on my top priority, I can never manage them at all! I can never manage the schedule of this blog and my other social media that I end up not posting for weeks and weeks on. Maybe it could be writer's block or whatever. I have way too many drafts that I have yet to post because I can never finish writing them. From now on, I will put more effort in scheduling my social media things so my accounts does not rot in the dark. Haha.

4. Writing
I love writing a lot. But my grammar bucket is too shallow to make any of my stories look and sound interesting. I have so many ideas for a story but the story always ends up sounding like a children's book because of the words I choose to use. I vowed to read more books on my free time so my brain can take in as much English words it can take. Considering how I lived half my life in Canada, my English is still not up to par with the people I know.

5. Procrastinating
I know this is probably the hardest thing to change out of the other 4 above, but it must be done. I hate the stress I get every time I procrastinate and I end up doing things the day before I'm supposed to do it. I have my bullet journal to help me with this. Because I procrastinate a lot, I usually divide the tasks I need to do and just cross them out on my journal for personal satisfaction. I love looking at my bullet journal and seeing all the crossed out tasks. It's probably one of the most satisfying feeling ever for me. Although I might not be able to break out of this habit easily, I will put the biggest effort to lessen the procrastination I always put myself into. In fact, I literally fought the urge to postpone this entry because I was being too lazy. But I won over it and now this entry is almost finished.

Took me forever to think about the things I need to improve on since I feel like I need to improve my whole life and habits. Sad to say but I actually feel like I need to improve on everything in my life. But fortunately I was able to weigh each topics and came up with just 5. With this, I won't be too overwhelmed with all the things I need to improve on. I need to take it little by little until everything is perfect.

What do you need to work or improve on in your life?

Happy Canada Day, Canada! 


  1. I dunno whether this is coincidence or what but i seriously just like you, often found myself faces these problems too. I mean all that you listed here. The 2nd one is the most tough situation to handle i guess x) and often i found myself faces the #1 and the #5 because of lack of motivation so motivational videos in youtube are the best solution i've found by far.
    let's be friend lol ;D

  2. I guess I could improve on those things too. Especially the procrastinating bit. :P


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