Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Happy 2017!

I had a Christmas post saved in my drafts but it had already past so I guess I'll delete that and instead write this post. Anyways, although this is very late, I wish all the readers of this blog a Happy New Year! I hope happiness, luck and success only comes your way this 2017. I haven't done a lot of things last year and I wasn't proud of the things I did last year.

I am hoping 2017 treats me a little better this time. I need to make better decisions this year. I think the only sole reason why 2016 was meh was because of all the choices I've made. And I'm here to change that! I've even wrote a new years resolution that I really want to accomplish. I don't know what else to talk about so here is my little new years resolution.

- Work out
- Study hard
- Get all A+s on all my Jan 2016 subjects
- Continue learning/playing the guitar
- Get back on stretching 
- Get back on doing my skin care routine
- Stop procrastinating or at least lessen it. 

I used to make my resolutions every year but for some reason I can never follow it. Hope all of you guys are able to follow your own new years resolution as well! I believe the reason why people fail to follow their resolution is because they set up such a high standards on their list. Start from the basic and ask yourself if you are capable of doing it. Then the rest will follow. You will eventually be able to successfully do it! 


  1. Happy new year! I hope we can all achieve our 2017 resolution :)

    1. Same to you as well Erin! I'm sure we can all achieve it as long as we put our mind to it :)

  2. I want to stop procrastinating too
    happy new year patricia!
    FYI, my blog has changed url. Please re-follow me at
    Thank you!

    1. Ahh! Let's both try our best to stop procrastinating!! Happy New Year! :) I re-followed!


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