Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This is Me Popping Out of Nowhere

Been a long time blogger! Haven't had extra time to actually sit and make a blog post. We finally moved into our new house, after so many problems from the opposite side. We had to stay in a disgusting hotel for 4 days since the owner asked if they could extend since they were having some financial problem. Must I say, it was the most awful 4 days of my 21 years of existence. The room was dirty, the walls were giving off some a pungent smell of dead flesh. (I am not joking) It was disgusting and to think I laid on their bed for 4 days makes me so icky up to this day. Also, the walls were so thin, you could hear the people from the other room profess their love to each other every night which was not okay, considering we had a minor with us.

Anyways, I would like to forget those 4 agonizing days in that hotel. We still hasn't fully settled in the new house yet, though most of the furniture and stuff are already loaded inside. It is extremely huge compared to our previous house that it actually makes me lonely. Hahaha. The The heater vents aren't even enough to warm the whole house which is why everyone is always wearing some type of winter clothing. But I really love it. The looks of the kitchen is so fancy and aesthetic. It's honestly my favourite part of the house, excluding the swimming pool. The swimming pool is what sold the house when we first saw it. Just a bummer we can't use it yet since the weather is starting to plummet to the negative side.

Life's been fairly treating me well, if I must say. Or should I just say, I finally don't care about things that's been bothering me. It feels like something has been lifted off my shoulder. I decided it's best to just focus on the things that I like and enjoy the most. Though school is still trying to kick my ass. I'm trying to catch up on assignments this week since it is reading week. Reading week is a week break off from school for mental purposes. I'm actually glad they do this in colleges/universities. Otherwise, I would have lost my sanity a long time ago. But I'm keeping it up together! I'll be doing my notes and assignments after this blog post. I swear!

In other news, I've also got back into the twitter world. I kinda just fell out of it after taking a hiatus on Infinite. I needed to get out of twitter to push my GPA up. During this time, I have realized I fell out of the Infinite fandom and the whole KPOP genre in general. But all it took me was a video of Seventeen and I finally got back into twitter. I don't tweet for Infinite anymore though. People change. Also, I've just finished the Korean drama, W, and it ruined my life. Why do they have to end it like that???

Till next time~


  1. glad to see you back :)

    I miss reading your posts

    1. aahhh thank you so much! still busy with school but im trying to make it work :D


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