Saturday, February 27, 2016

Group Assignments Should Be Banned!

Who invented group projects and assignments? He must be the devil. Every time one of my courses has a group assignment, my eyes literally rolls back into the back of my brain. I hate the idea of group assignment. It's either I get a high mark or a low mark. There is no in between. I only get high marks when I take charge and do most of it but I'm done being the goody-two-shoes and always being used.

For my HR class, we had a group assignment assigned to us about 3 weeks ago. Our team consisted of 5 people. 4 of which were the same nationality. They could not speak English properly and they never let me do anything! I don't have anything against people whose English is not their first language. It isn't mine either. They literally just speak to each other in their language and I'm just sitting there like a log. It's really annoying. Every time I do my part and send it to them, they always erase my name and put it at the end of the name list. What the hell is that?

I stayed for another 3 hours after my Friday class in order to finish my part. I just needed to get it out of the way because I've been stressing so much about it. So I stayed for a total of 10 hours in campus. Saturday came, it was the due date for our assignment. It's today. I received a text message from 3 of them saying they didn't do the evaluation part. My eyes were rolled back behind my brain at this point and it never went back out. I was so pissed.

I was already relaxing at home and I had to hurriedly do the evaluation. Then I told them that I had already finish and submitted it to the online dropbox and they told me they want to see it first to check if it was right. Ugh. I, myself, knows it is correct 100% in terms of grammar and spelling. I just hate group assignments in general. I hate working with people.

One thing I learned from group assignments is that I hate people. This is probably the reason why Batman prefers to work alone. Group assignments should be banned. They just destroy relationships between classmates. I hate everyone in that class.


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