Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Sunday Currently | I

Currently Series | Volume I
I've seen Maine's The Sunday Currently Series for a while and I've always wanted to hop on the bandwagon and here I am. Finally. Let's see if this continues. 

Happened to visit Maine's blog after re-watching the replay of Eat Bulaga. Then I headed off to siddarthorton's Sunday Currently link up section from other bloggers. 

My very first Sunday Currently Series. Yay!

Spotify is currently streaming Jason Dy's When You Hear This Song. I've been playing his whole album non-stop. I am so inlove with his songs and obviously the man himself. ;)

I wasn’t actually thinking about anything in particular before this part and when I read it, it made me think about what I would do if I ever get the chance to meet Jason Dy and Daryl Ong in personal. //cries// I would probably just die on the spot and scare the crap out of the two.

Smelling my arm. Is that weird? I just put on some Victoria Secret lotion that my friend got me from Christmas. It’s my favourite scent. It’s called Love Spell.

WishingCurrently wishing to finally be able to secure and get a coop job.Wishing to finally be able to visit and go back to the Philippines. It’s been 10 years.Wishing to graduate with a 4.0 GPA.
Wishing to find Mr. Right.
Wishing to get my shit together.

Hoping to finish my homework before Wednesday. They’re already piling up. I had a week break but I didn’t touch any school-related things.

An oversized grey shirt and an underwear. I’m getting ready to sleep.

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m been loving obsessing over Jason Dy. I’m in love with his whole album and I’ve been literally listening to his songs for the past 3 days. Notice me Jason!

Been wanting a Macbook laptop since forever though I really want to get braces.

I need to get braces to fix my crooked teeth.
I also need all the motivation and inspiration I could get so I could finally start doing my homework. College kills.

A bit tired and really sleepy. The time currently reads 12:25 as I type this sentence. I’m sleepy but whenever I try to sleep, my brain just won’t shut off.

 Finally able to write my very first volume of The Sunday Currently after hesitating for a very long time. There wasn't a lot to say so I kept it short but I do want to make my answers longer. I plan to do this every Sunday if I don't get lazy in the next following Sundays. I'll probably just sleep after this post is publish or I'll go on facebook. Oh whatever. Enjoy reading my blog! 

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