Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Little Sick


Who goes twants to school at 8am for group meetings? Yeah, only mine does.
So, I told them I'm sick and wont be to able to come.

Hours later, I started feeling sick. I was extremely nauseated and eveything felt like they were spinning around. I still feel so icky and gross and dizzy as I'm writing this post. My mom always said to never lie because it's going to come true. I guess it happened this time. But seriously, I aint 'bout that 8am life. I am so not a morning person. Only when something good is happening on that day. I also don't want to meet them because every time our group meets, all they do is talk in their own language???? What is the point of inviting me then. Smh.

Anyways, a little update, I haven't realy been up to anything other than watching dramas. Lately, I've been into Taiwanese dramas. I usually watch Korean. I've finished Marry Me, or Not in a day. (I am addicted) I was extremely happy at the ending and I loved the characters so I ended up doing some research on them and I found out that Roy Chiu and Alice Ko were in another drama before called Office Girls. I gave it a try and I fell in love with it. There were 40 episodes (😱) but I managed to finish it in 2 days. It was so good! I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a drama to watch. These kind of dramas are the reason why I am still single at 21 years old. I have high expectations on men. I need a boyfriend. 

Only Filipinos are probably going to relate to this but I've been into the loveteam AlDub since the beginning. Anyways, they have a Lenten(?) special called God Gave Me You with Alden, Jake and Maine. (( (( screams )) )) I saw the trailer to it earlier and I can't believe I am saying this but I officially ship Jake Ejercito and Maine Mendoza together. I want to see them in more projects. Probably not now since AlDub is still on the rise but hopefully in the near future.

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