Tuesday, March 08, 2016

One of Those Nights

It scares the hell out of me how my mind still lives in the past. 
Everyone seems to be over there; moving on, 
living their fast-paced life 
while I'm still here; always seem to live in my memories.

it's one of those nights.
i look at a photo or a post
and suddenly it sparks a memory and
i feel all empty and sad 

I miss my old life.
I miss how my life seems so easy 
and simple back when I was a kid.

i miss those days when we were all friends
I miss my old friends.
Come to think of it, it's been 9 years.
9 whole fucking years since YOU turned your back on me.
And I still hate myself; we could have saved what we had.
I just wanted to say,
I miss you old pal. Really.

Talk to me again?

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