Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Not-So-Sunday Currently | 4

Yeah I know. It's not Sunday anymore. The title should be The Tuesday Currently. It's 12:00am Tuesday morning over here and I can't sleep so I thought I'd make this post cause I don't think I'll ever get to posting this week if I don't post now. It's quite a busy week ahead for me. Too many assignments.

Currently Series | IV

my old blog that I accidentally found on my old hotmail account. I logged onto my old hotmail account because I needed a code to reset something. Then I stumbled upon an email from myself containing my livejournal account. I was like woaaaah. It's like finding a buried treasure. I was around 13 when I made that blog and email. I'm 21 now. I also read my bestfriends blog. So many good memories. I want to make a separate post about this one. 

this Sunday Currently 4th volume. Besides this though, I'm also doodling on my bullet journal. I started designing my April spread. I'll post it here when I get the time.

to the sound of my fingers slapping onto my keyboard and the eerily calm sound of my laptop fan piercing my ears. 

my newly fresh-off-the-laundry blanket. My grandma washed it finally. This blanket is actually quite old. I got it when i was 12 years old for my first school trip away from home. Ahh memories.

for my old life to come back. I really miss it, especially after reading my old blog. It makes me sad.

to finish all my assigned homework this week. Fingers crossed. I also hope my Customs professor replies to our assignment so we can finally start our consultation letter. There's not much time until it's due.

my old orange T-shirt that I got when my family and I went to church camp, girl boxer, and pink/white socks

how I stumbled upon my old blog and my old hotmail account. Opening my email and blog feels like opening a time capsule. They're almost 10 years old which basically categorizes it as a time capsule!

a get together with my elementary and high school friends. I really need it! I'm so lonely. 

more time for my Customs Procedures assignment! We only have 2 days left and my professor hasn't replied yet meaning we can't start yet. 

nostalgic. This may sound weird but it felt like I warped into 2007-2009 earlier while reading my emails. It felt so surreal. Kinda sad cause almost half of those people don't talk to each other anymore. I wish we could get a reunion party for our batch. I should put that for my wanting section lol.

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