Sunday, March 06, 2016

The Sunday Currently | Volume III

I have another 30 minutes to finish this post, otherwise it won't be Sunday anymore. I have been busy the past 3-4 days because of school so I haven't been posting.

Currently Series | III

some news that was shared on my Facebook account and my Twitter timeline. I don't have any friends so there's not much on there. Haha! :)

Besides this post, I'm currently writing a blog post for my business assignment. Yeah. My assignment is to make a Wordpress blog which is really cool! 

to some oldies. 90's throwback. To be specific, I'm currently playing Backstreet Boy's All I Have To Give. It's been stuck in my head since I woke up this morning cause my dad watched a snippet version sung by Daryl Ong when he guessed in It's Showtime. 

of what I'm going to do first thing in the morning tomorrow. I need to plan ahead y'know!

I don't know if this bullet is even relevant?

to get at least a pass on my mid-term test tomorrow. I've been postponing answering it since it's only online. I hate online classes with a passion. 

to get my shit together. I've been slacking up in school and in my personal routine these past week. School is killing me. 

a black pullover that I bought from H&M and a girl boxer. 

watching guitar tutorials on fingerstyling. I suck at it though. Maybe this should be on the wishing bullet since I have been wishing to learn fingerstyle on the guitar fast. 

a new phone! I've been seeing advertisements for the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and it looks amazing!! But I'm jobless and I'm broke so that will have to wait for a very long time. Huhuhu. 

a job. I need to earn money so I can feed my stationery addiction. I've been wanting to go shopping at Muji but I am so broke. I can't even afford a notebook. Such a sad life.

like I wanna scream and sing my lungs out but it's 10 minutes before midnight so I guess I'll just lip sync.

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