Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Sunday Currently | 5

The long awaited post. Not really haha. I haven't been posting my Sunday Currently series because of exam week. It's coming up this week and I am taking a break from all the studying I am doing. That is a lie. That picture was taken at the library yesterday when I went there to study and read some novels.

Currently Series  | V

"The Worst Wedding Photographer Ruined This Poor Bride's Big Day" on Diply. I clicked the link while browsing on Facebook. It is mostly photos though there are explanations on the bottom. 

Besides this post, I am prettifying my exam review and my cheat sheet for my Logistics final exam.

to TWICE's Ooh Aah!! I'm addicted to this song. It has been on repeat since last week and I even learned the choreography to it!! 

my hair because my shampoo smells so damn good! I use the green Palmolive! Shameless advertising hahaha

for this week to be over so I can finally rest and finish this semester.

to pass my exams with at least 90% 

my sister's large school gym T-shirt and a panty. This part always seem to have the same answer every single post.

how my parents are renovating the house little by little. It is starting to look more fancier and fancier. 

to get my Apple ID back. I tried looking for any way to contact Apple Support but it just keeps taking me back to the forum site. My apple ID is not recognized and it was my first account ever and it just disappeared. 

a job. Seriously. I am broke and I literally only have about 80 bucks in my debit card and how I am supposed to feed myself with that. But I am so lazy. 

sore. Specially my lower back. It feels like its nangangawit. I want to break it because it feels like that is the only way to get rid of the pain. 

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