Tuesday, April 05, 2016


My mind is seriously this close to exploding because of all the stress I'm getting from school. //tries to calm down// I should be finishing my customs assignment but I somehow found myself on blogger. I was trying so hard not to go here but I guess I'll just talk about what I did this past few days. This way, I can forget about school stress, even if its just for a little bit.

This is a page from my bullet journal. I drew this while trying to finish some late business assignment. I am prone to procrastination and this is what happened. I wasnt able to finish my assignment that day but at least I got to finish this one. Hahahaha.

Here is another one of my creation. I tried doodling this using the Sharpie marker and without using a ruler but it looked quite messy so I ended using my Pilot's gel pen and a ruler. It took me forever to finish this since yes, you guessed it, I was doing my assignments and my notes in between. I kept taking breaks and watching a drama. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN? Lord jesus, that drama is so intense. I can't even. Every episode takes about 10 years off of my life. It is that intense. Joong Ki, my love.

Roughly about 8 hours later, here is the final product of my doodling session. My dad kept telling me to stop wasting paper and ink for this. It turned out pretty nice though! What do you think?

This was taken last Friday. I skipped my Customs class just so I can study for my Human Resource midterm test. I literally stayed here for about 4 hours studying. My butt have never felt so numb that day. This was in the E building. That building is my favourite because there is usually no one around because it is one of the old buildings. I only left this spot when I bought lunch, only to come back here because I didn't like the crowded cafeteria. Fortunately, the questions that my prof gave us for review were the same questions on the test and I finished within 30 minutes.

Lastly, my mildliner finally came in the mail!! It only took about 4 months. /sarcasm intended/ Apparently, the shipment got lost and was sent to another country. I ordered this along with my HR textbook on January. I complained and sent the company a message and said they will send me a new one. Come to think of it, I should have asked them to refund me the money and send it to me for free because of the very long wait. But here it is now!! So happy!!

Anyways, this is it for today. It's almost midnight and I still have to go to school tomorrow to meet my groupmate. Ughhh. Tomorrow is my day off. But for the sake of my marks, I'll sacrifice tomorrow. Now, back to my assignments. I need to finish it tonight!

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