Wednesday, December 16, 2015

He has beautiful eyes. Literally.

I wasn't actually going to write today but there's this one thing that was bothering me for the longest time. I can't really say it was bothering me because it's a good kind of feeling. It's more of a I-cannot-fall-asleep-because-of-the-guy-I-like kind of thing. I wanted to write it down cause if I don't, I will go crazy. I met him in my operation management class last semester. My first impression of him wasn't really that good. He sort of came out like a bad boy kinda type. He had girls all over him all the time. To be very honest, I didn't pay any attention to him at all. He was just another person in the class. 

Then we met again this fall semester and we had 2 classes together. Still, didn't pay any attention to him until the second week of classes. I was waiting for the other class to finish so I could get in the classroom. He was pacing back and forth and it looked like he wanted to say something. One more pace and we locked eyes. He smiled and his eyes transformed into a line. Literally just a line. 

"How many classes do we have together? Cause i swear I keep seeing you everyday." 
"Uh. We only have 2 classes together I believe."  
"That's so weird. I could've sworn you were in at least 4 of my classes." 

He smiled again. The dimples under his eyes appeared. That's the thing I'm crazy for. A week after, I actually dreamed about him and I guess that's how it happened. 

Last week, we had a group in-class assignment, and I swear for the last 13 weeks, the professor doesn't put us in the same group. That is until last week when he let us choose whichever group we like. He had his hand on my shoulder and jumped from behind me and snatched my book. 

"Do you mind if we share your book?" He smiled again. Dang it.
I couldn't even speak.
"Well I guess you wouldn't mind."

He took the book and scooted next to me. I literally had to take a deep breath. I opened my phone just so it wouldn't be awkward.

"Do you have a son? Is that your baby?"
"Omg no. Why would you even think that?"
"I don't know. Just wanted to make sure"
"What about you? Do you have a son? I always see you go in the day care"
"Hell no, I'm not a father" //giggles//

The lock screen on my phone was my nephew's photo. He was so touchy. Not in a pervert way but just the normal touching between friends. He kept stealing my phone too. Too bad, that was our last class together. I didn't even get to ask for his number. I hope we get to be in the same class again. This was the longest post ever. Sobs. Still so disappointment at myself.

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  1. OMG! i love hearing about love related stuff i hope you and this guy make some progress :D



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