Monday, November 23, 2015

Yes, I am still alive

Kinda needed a little update on myself. I haven't been updating my blog regularly, not just my blog, but all my social media accounts. They're all just rotting away. Just like my life. School has been draining my energy and it's not even funny. I started fall 2015 with 7 subjects and I ended up dropping a subject cause the workload was just too much. I've also turned 21 this month. Hope I can act, look and think like one. YEY.

Anyways, school has just eating up most of my time really. All I do is read books (yeah right), do quizzes online and assignments. Don't forget: NOTES! I need to always write notes because that's the only way I'll memorize and learn lessons. Such a curse. Also, I'm supposed to be on my work term this winter but can't seem to find the right job so I haven't even applied to any as of now. I don't know if the co-op would take me off since I haven't really done anything to find a job. But I got everything taken care my co-op and academic advisor, though I still haven't received my new model route. I guess I'll just wait.

Recently, I've developed this new boy crush once again. Kevin is finally out of the picture. Though, I still find myself trying to search for any of his whereabouts on the internet. The new boy toy is Justin. It's such a coincidence cause all the guys that I've ever had a crush on are either named Justin or Kevin. How weird is that? I'm such a hoe. Seriously, it seems like I have a new crush every single semester. When will I ever behave.

Back to the main topic, school. I'm doing good so far. Compared the my last semester in the accounting program, International Business is way better. I just hate all the presentations but oh well. My favourite subject is Psychology. My professor there is way too cool and its just...I never want to miss any of his classes. I should have taken him on a Monday at 8am instead. That way I'm sure I'm not going to skip it. I love it. My marks are above my expectations and I hope to keep it that way.

We are also planning on getting a puppy! How exciting is that?! I can't wait. ㅠㅠ. School's almost done and Christmas is on the way. New year is coming up and I still don't know how to write an epic closing sentence.

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