Thursday, May 18, 2017

I /had/ a Job

Ok first things first, this is probably going to be a long read. So if you have time and are curious, sit back and relax. I'd always write how much I needed a job on this blog. I needed money for myself, family emergencies and Seventeen also announced their tour in Toronto. So I thought if I applied for every open position on this job board, maybe I'd get at least one interview. And so I did. It was an attendant for a laundromat. I walked in, got interviewed and got the job. It was amazing since it was literally only blocks away from my house. I could go literally go home for my break and come back and still have time. That's how close it was.

Prior to my first day, I wouldn't say I slept early but I slept earlier than when I usually do. It was around 11pm when I settled down on my bed. But no matter how much I try to sleep, I just couldn't. My heart would beat so fast without any reason and I actually got on twitter and told my friends through direct message. Eventually I did fall asleep around 2am but was met with a heart palpitations so severe it woke me up and could hear it. Out of nowhere, I just felt like I needed to search up reviews on my job.

I wasn't expecting anything to come up since it was just a small landromat. But I was shocked to click on a website with complaints from previous employees. In the website, a former employee stated that he always comes up with an excuse saying a newly hired employee quit. Before I went to sleep, he had actually called me to say that the newly hired college girl quit on the spot. I didn't find it suspicious it was the time before I checked the reviews. It also says there that he was a drug addict and a high key pervert. Another employee commented that when she used to work there, he would rub against her.

I definitely could not sleep. I ended up sleeping at 4am. My mom went in an hour later to wake up me. I was afraid to tell her about it since she was so happy about me finally getting a job but I had texted my sister about it the moment I find the website. She was concerned and she usually does not show her feelings. So I was surprised. But something told me that I should tell my mom and then I did. She said she suddenly feels weird and nervous that something was going to happen to me. But I went anyway. My shift was 8am when it was initially 4pm. Remember when he said an employee quit? He told me to take her morning shift instead.

So I walked to work but he was late for about 15-20 minutes. I was waiting outside for so long and I'm the type of person who are always cold so I was dying out there. He eventually apologized for being tardy and not even 5 minutes in, he said that he forgot something at home and that he would come back home, get it and would be back to the store in a few seconds. I thought hmm okay maybe his house is near. I got customers who were angry because I couldn't take their clothes because I still don't know how to work their things. Not unless they wanted me to ruin their clothes. Few seconds my ass. It took him over an hour.  When he came back, he reeked of marijuana and the smell of the laundromat was unbearable.

He kept ordering me to do a task and before I could even finish it, he'd order me to do things again. And before I finished that task, he'd make me do something else again. He probably made me do about 20 chores in which all of them, I had not finished because he was constantly telling me to drop it and go to another task. He also got angry because I poured the soap first when he said it should have been the fabric softener first. Like what the fuck? He kept touching my hand when he was teaching me how to fold clothes. Bitch, I'm 22, don't you think I know how to fold clothes? A fucking pervert. During break, he kept inviting me to his office to eat. His non-existent office.

I spent 7 hours there before I thought I really can't take this anymore. At the same time, he screamed at me to keep up the fast pace because I still have a lot of things to do. Mind you that this was 30 minutes before my time is done. So I told him, what do you mean, its almost my time and I also have an appointment moved this afternoon since you changed my shift. During that time, a female walked in and asked if he's hiring. She got hired on the spot without even looking at her resume. So I was wondering if she had not came in, he would have probably kept me in there for another 8 hours because I realized, I was the only employee in that day. He told me he'll see me on Thursday (which is today) but I didn't tell him I'm quitting.

I left before my time and asked my other sister (the youngest) to meet me at the library near the place. I told her everything and I told my second sister when we got home and she said "you are so weak, if he constantly touched me, I would have ripped his balls with my own hands." Sent laughter to the 3 of us. I told my mom when she got home and she wanted to march down to the place and kill him. Told my dad and he surprisingly told me to quit and not even take the money. He usually just tells me to suck it up when I complain about work.

Wednesday night, he kept calling my phone but I didn't answer. He probably wants me to come in early because the new employee quit But that's just my theory. My mom told me to leave a message saying I quit because I was afraid to face him personally and tell him I aint coming back. So I waited until the store was closed and I left a message. Thursday morning, a few hours before this post, he kept calling and even left a message. I still have not opened it.

I'm sad that I don't have a job anymore and money for Seventeen concert and for my personal use but that's how I quit on the first day of work. But I'm so happy that I don't have to see that pervert drug addict man.


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