Monday, January 23, 2017

Open Letter | Best Friend

I've been contemplating whether I should start an open letter series on this blog. I don't know how long I will be active on blogger and it would be nice to have something to look and think woah was I like that during my younger days. Something to ponder when I get older you know. So for my first open letter series, I introduce you to an open letter to my former best friend.

Time sure does fly. 10 years. 

It's been 10 freaking long years. How the heck have you been? I don't really know where, when and why our relationship started falling apart. I mean, I did have some assumptions and ideas after our encounter at school as to why. I know change is inevitable but I didn't think that would happen to us. But it did. Must have been a puberty thing, haha. You were growing into the man that I have always knew you were going to be. You have always been smart and you know what you've always wanted to be in life. 

I guess our views in life just didn't seem to match up. It's such a bummer that we drifted apart. When I first came to Canada, my world seemed so terrifying. Learning a new language that I didn't know, new environments and new friends seemed to terrify the shit out of me. I was barely 12. I still remember that first-time jitters that I felt as the principal accompanied me to the classroom. And there you were. You were smiling and everything and we hit it off right away! Everyone would be jealous of our friendship. Every lunch time, you would go to the corner store and buy me these unusual looking candies that I have never seen in my life. And everyone would keep begging me to give them. sigh. I miss the elementary life. Remember when we went to Science Centre? I don't want to get into the details of what we did there but I'm sure you remember it vividly because I do. I won first place there out of all the Catholic schools who entered the competition.

High school came. And everything just seemed to be changing around me. Even you. I saw you that day with a girl. To this day, I could still make up what that girl's face looked like. She gave me that look. You know that "why are you friends with her" look. Up to this day, I don't know if she was your girlfriend at the time. We just stopped talking after that. And I hate myself for it. I wonder if you feel the same as well.

I just want to let you know that even after all these years, I would still want to be your best friend in a heartbeat. Well, that is if you ever ask me again or if we ever meet again. I don't even know if you still live in the same address or if you're still in contact with our group of friends or if you still love that candy you always buy at the corner store near school. I'll always be here for you even if you're not.

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