Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Sunday Currently | 7

Haven't been posting much lately as I've been too busy with the house renovations and house hunting. Hopefully I can start posting more regularly when these are all over. For the meantime, please be patient with my posts. With the wifi being so slow and unresponsive also adds up to the reason why I can't post regularly. But here is my Sunday Currently part 7

The Sunday Currently | 7

Reading this installation manual that came with the chandelier light as of right now. Also started reading To All The Boys I've Loved Before again.

Writing my to-do list for today's week, as well as decorating my bullet journal while I take a quick break from helping my dad with the house renovation

Listening to CLC's No Oh oh!!

Smelling the Pine Sol that my mom used to mop my floor and the overlapping smell of Febreeze

Wishing that we can find a house that has all I need and want. ///swimming pool///

Hoping that my OSAP application is still not late

Wearing a white V-neck shirt and my Taekwondo dobok pants //so stylish..not///

Loving the look of our newly renovated kitchen and new appliances

Wanting a boyfriend ha haha ha ha. but seriously. 

Needing a job like right now. 

Feeling sleepy. I haven't been sleeping properly due to me always lurking on the internet in the wee hours of the night.
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