Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Sunday Currently | 6

Yes. Finally getting this post early. I usually post most of my entries around midnight. Anyways, school's out! Well for me.

Currently Series | VI

"The House" by Danielle Steel. I actually had this book for so long I almost forgot about it. I read the first few chapters but got bored of it. I suddenly had a flashback of the first few chapters for some weird reason and I couldn't remember where I last put it. But I finally found it underneath my dresser. 

the alphabet. I'm currently practicing calligraphy and I suck at it. And also this post. 

to Jireh Lim's Pagsuko. Had this song on repeat since yesterday. I kept breaking into a singing fit yesterday with this song. 

nothing. My sense of smell is temporary gone due to a cold. I can't smell and taste anything and it's pretty sad every time I see my favourite food. 

to miraculously find a million dollars on the ground. HAHAHA. I am craving the Philippines. I need to go back seriously. 10 years is way too long. 

that my sickness could finally go away. 

a white tank top from Forever 21 and a purple Adidas short 

my bedroom. I am that weird person who rarely uses the bedroom unless its for sleeping. From observing other families, children tend to lock themselves up in their rooms and spend the rest of the day there. Idk why? My sisters and I usually just crowds in the living room with our parents. After getting sick, I've been quarantining myself in my room and I learned how to love my own room. I don't know if that even made any sense. 

to have the motivation to apply for jobs. 

a job. I think I wrote this for the previous Currently Series as well. 

like a bummer. I'm sick and everything just pisses me off. 

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